Author: Kris Martison

R3/Cr into 24-70mm

Published on 25 Mar, 2019   By: Kris Martison

What do goats and Shetland ponies have in common? Both get chased by a two-humped camel in the middle of Missouri… and this was just the start of my rally weekend…

While I’m no stranger to the 100 Acre Wood rally having crewed there 3 years and spectated a couple more, I’ve yet to have the opportunity to take part as credentialed media. Going in I had a fair idea of what to expect (just prepare for everything), but more or less my goal was to be David’s lackey if needed and learn a couple things along the way. After a bit of a drive down, some small talk at tech inspection, and an errant recce that didn’t quite reveal the road we were looking for, we were all set to start early at Shakedown the next morning.